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top 100 customers: pharmacist talks to customer

The Guild has released its latest online pharmacist CPD course, Know and love your top 100 customers.

This course highlights the value a pharmacy’s top 100 customers add to a business, providing recommendations on programs and services to help increase their engagement and loyalty.

The Guild has partnered with Kos Sclavos in the development of this course, utilising his industry knowledge and expertise in business management. The course contains several videos in which Mr Sclavos guides the user through several initiatives which may help them capitalise on the opportunities presented by these loyal customers.

“Your top 100 customers are a valuable asset to your pharmacy and ensuring they remain satisfied and engaged will have a positive impact on your business,” says Anthony Tassone, President of the Pharmacy Guild of Australia – Victoria.

“A good in-store experience will keep your customers loyal. The most powerful form of advertising is word of mouth, and your satisfied loyal customers are not only worth more to your  pharmacy but will sing your praises to others.

“A whole of pharmacy focus on your top 100 has the potential to increase script numbers, front-of-shop revenue and the uptake of pharmacy services.”

Through the course Kos details how to identify these customers, products and services to improve their loyalty as well as the systems that need to be in place to ensure the initiatives are effective and well managed.

For more information about the course visit the new courses page. at

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