Are you sick of Christmas music yet?

If you’re tired of listening to the same Christmas songs every hour, you’re not alone: a streaming service has investigated why retail workers and shoppers become fed up with festive tunes

Soundtrack Your Brand, a Spotify-backed company, surveyed more than 2000 retail staff and customers in the UK and the US to find out whether that Christmas soundtrack puts them in a festive mood… or brings out their inner Scrooge.

In the US, 56% of shoppers claim to like Christmas music, compared to 43% in the UK; in the UK a quarter of shoppers actively dislike it, as do 17% of Americans. Many British shoppers cite the piped tunes as a reason for leaving a business locale.

The top reason for disliking Christmas music wasn’t disdain for the genre itself: it’s that it’s too repetitive. Across the US and UK, 43% of shoppers say they’re annoyed by how repetitive these soundtracks are in a commercial setting.

Another 26% say they don’t appreciate the materialism of Christmas music, 14% say it’s played too loud, 9% don’t like the genre, 6% feel there are too many old songs and 3% are grinches, disliking Christmas itself.

“The survey shows that retailers should refrain from having a limited selection of Christmas songs and think about introducing more variety,” says Soundtrack Your Brand.

But what about the people forced to listen to the same Christmas hits day in, day out?

A quarter of retail staff say too much Christmas music makes them less festive, while 16% say it impacts their work environment negatively, dampening their emotional wellbeing.

“This adverse effect may hurt service quality, since emotionally damaged staff may not deliver top notch service,” the company says.

It offers three solutions to help retailers make the most of their Christmas playlist:

  • Only play one song every 10 minutes or so – about one in three songs.
  • Make sure the selected tunes reflect your brand’s values.
  • Explore new or alternative versions of old classics, or different musical genres to find “unexpected Christmas treats”.

We’d like to know which Christmas songs you enjoy listening to, at work or at home… and those you wish you could never hear again!

Bah humbug: tell us your least favourite Christmas tune:

Season’s greetings: tell us your favourite Christmas tune:

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  1. Fiona Evans

    Driving home for Christmas by Chris Rea is my favourite Christmas song!
    All I want for Christmas is you by Mariah Carey is my least favourite, but the version by Mark King from Level 42 is fabulous!!


    Maybe we are playing the wrong songs!

  3. Brendan Power

    amcal air, our music plays christmas songs all the time from well into november. bah humbug

  4. Anne Todd

    We had the Muppet Christmas album along with 3 or 4 other CDs in the stacker at Christmas. It may have been the John Denver one it is a very long time ago now. That always got the kids happy.
    But i agree you needed a mix of music and not all Christmas themed to make life bearable.
    Much like playing any of the 1980’s fragrance ads on a loop on the instore TV there are only so many times in an hour you can hear someone ask “have you seen Lou-Lou?” with a french accent even if it was the best selling fragrance launch of the 80s.

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