‘Pharmacies have become an integral part of our vaccination rollout.’

Scott Morrison. Source: Facebook.
Scott Morrison. Source: Facebook.

The Prime Minister has pointed out the importance of community pharmacies in providing vaccination against COVID-19

The Pharmacy Guild of Australia says that it warmly welcomes personal encouragement from Prime Minister Scott Morrison to expand the Covid-19 vaccination rollout through pharmacies across the nation.

Guild National President, Adjunct Professor Trent Twomey, confirmed that more than 3,500 pharmacies are coming on board with the national vaccination program.

A total of 2,593 pharmacies are administering vaccinations as at Thursday, and this figure is set to move quickly past 3,500 in coming days.

The Prime Minister indicated that he was optimistic that with the strong contribution through community pharmacists, Australia is moving quickly towards targets of 70% and 80% full vaccination.

He was speaking with nearly 2,000 pharmacists as a guest on a Guild webinar.

Mr Morrison revealed Australia has reached a point where per capita vaccinations in recent weeks are consistently exceeding the best weeks recorded across the United States and United Kingdom.

He said he expected the acceleration of Australia’s rollout would mean all Australians wanting vaccination will have their first dose before Christmas.

“Pharmacies have become an integral part of our vaccination rollout,” the Prime Minister said.

From mid-September, suitable pharmacies will also be invited to participate in rollout of the Moderna vaccine.

Mr Twomey said pharmacies are taking a frontline role, offering safe, efficient vaccinations through booking on the Find A Pharmacy website or for walk-in patients, with little or no delay.

He urged National Cabinet to study inconsistencies between States and Territories ranging from opening hours to the definition of casual or close contact.

On Thursday, the Prime Minister underlined the Government’s plan to “open up” the country as vaccination targets are met.

He said that on Wednesday, “335,420 doses of the COVID-19 vaccine were administered here in Australia. Another record day”.

At the conference Health Minister Greg Hunt noted that to date, 18 million doses have been delivered.

“Very significantly, what we’ve seen is 6.7 million doses in 30 days—Melbourne, Adelaide, Wollongong in 30 days.

“We’re closing on 10 million primary care doses—our GPs, our pharmacists, our Indigenous medical services, they’re doing an amazing job, and I want to thank them in particular. They have worked tirelessly,” he said.

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  1. Raj

    Too late and Rejected Vaccines are handed to Pharmacies
    We have capacity to service larger community healthcare but out hands are tied
    Its second grade treatment imparted for pharmacy services by GOVT, due to Possibly lobbying by a certain healthcare community
    Its not the level of community confidence on pharmacist but a fear for life is keeping community reject the AZ vaccines
    Chameleon type change in guidance and release of vaccines for community also has impacted pharmacy covid-19 rollout
    Decision makers need training in pandemic and disaster management

    • Jason Meiers

      Decision makers need training in being able to recognise priorities and allocate focus and funds accordingly. Such as prioritise pandemic and crisis management/communication for the public benefit, rather than political careers, cronyism, or redistribution of public wealth into private hands, and dreaming up ever increasingly authoritarian dictates.

  2. james jefferies

    Too little, too late. The PM paid lip service to pharmacist involvement, but actions speak louder than words.
    The country could have been mostly vaccinated by now if they’d brought us online when promised. Now we’re given a vaccine which a significant number of people don’t want and denied access to the vaccine that people do want. I’ve got patients that are driving an hour or more to get Pfizer because they can’t access it locally in a timely fashion and are too scared to get AZ even though they have no underlying health conditions.
    They ‘can’t’ afford to pay us the same rate as GP’ because they’ve squandered millions on ineffectual Implementation of the rollout. Paying large companies undisclosed sums to not vaccinate the people they were paid to vaccinate.
    Apparently we should be happy that we’re actually getting paid anything at all for helping Scomo sort out his mess. Bl@@dy insulting and patronizing.
    Half an hour of my life that I sadly won’t get back!

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