World news wrapup: 13 May 2021

Stabbing attack in NZ supermarket pharmacy; man steals COVID-19 vaccine to have it analysed; Indian pharmacists left out in the cold

Dunedin, New Zealand: A stabbing attack which saw three people critically injured in central Dunedin this week took place in a pharmacy, reports Stuff.

The attack happened in a Countdown supermarket, reportedly in the pharmacy department, not far from the iconic Octagon.

According to Stuff, witnesses heard screaming before noticing a man holding two knives in the pharmacy.

“It just sounded like someone fell over and then screaming got louder and louder,” one witness said.

“We walked past the aisle and we heard someone say, ‘he has got a knife’, so we just kept moving forward.”

Staff and bystanders were praised for their efforts in restraining the man, who was later arrested and walked next door to the Dunedin central police station.

Pharmacy workers reportedly appeared “shaken” and were observed hugging each other as they came out of the building.

One pharmacy worker told Stuff simply that the attack had been, “scary”.


Andover, Minnesota: A man has reportedly stolen a vial of the Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine from a CVS pharmacy – and published footage of himself doing so.

Newsweek reports that a man who has been identified as Thomas Humphrey went to the CVS pharmacy and reached across the counter to take the vaccine.

“I just want to read it. I just—you know, I’m taking the vaccine, I just want to read it,” he said on the video he posted to social media.

A CVS employee then attempted to take the box, but Mr Humphrey took out a vial and held it up to be filmed.

“This is the vaccine in there? Thank you. I will be taking my vaccine here guys. We’re gonna go test this, we’re gonna bring it to the lab,” he said.

CVS staff called for help, while Mr Humphrey told the camera and the staff that he planned to “investigate” the vaccine, which he said was, “poisoning people”.

He was later arrested and charged with obstructing an investigation.


Panaji, India: Pharmacists are concerned that they have not been recognised by the government as frontline health workers, and are thus ineligible to be given the COVID-19 vaccine sooner.

The Times of India reports that currently, only people aged 45 and over are able to access the vaccine.

However as frontline workers, pharmacists and employees are frequently exposed to the novel coronavirus, pharmacists say.

“There are around 7,500 of us throughout the state [Goa] and we are regularly exposed to the virus through patients and relatives,” a pharmacist told the paper.

The pharmacy is the first place somebody sick visits and we should have been considered as frontline workers and given the vaccine along with healthcare workers.”

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