Crookwell pharmacy and community support injured local

Linda Lee, Harry Hayes (Brad's brother), Matt Hayes (his father) and Annemaree Offley (Soul Pattinson Retail Manager). Image courtesy Linda Lee.

When local footy player Bradley Hayes was badly hurt during a Rugby League match, the staff at Soul Pattinson Chemist in Crookwell, NSW, knew it was time to rally around him.

For the last year, Soul Pattinson Crookwell has run a few barbecues to raise funds for local causes, such as the town’s nursing home and its district hospital.

“We’ve held a fundraising barbecue every four months or so, and we decide on local and current events that happen in town,” explained pharmacist in charge Linda Lee.

“The 16-year-old boy, Brad, who was injured and his family are regular customers of ours. He was playing a football match, and unfortunately dislocated his spine, near his neck.

“He’s had surgery done, but he’s wheelchair-bound for now and he’s still in therapy; we don’t know how far along he’s going to come. He can’t walk and can barely move one arm.

“We decided to do a fund-raiser to aid his recovery, because obviously a lot of the equipment he needs is really expensive.

“The whole town has gotten behind us – it’s been fantastic.”

In only three hours at the barbecue, the pharmacy raised over $800.

“We’re a small community, and so it’s up to us to give back to the community,” says Lee, who is originally from Brisbane and moved to Crookwell a year ago.

“I’ve always had an interest in rural health,” says Lee. “I can actually do my job better, as a pharmacist, in a rural area compared to the city because a lot of people in the city don’t really care what a pharmacist has to say.

“In a rural town they respect the opinion of the pharmacist as well as the doctor, and come to you with a lot more problems, so you can actually counsel them properly.

“I’ve worked for four or five years in the city and ended up feeling like I was just in a glorified retail position, whereas here I feel like a pharmacist.”

She says she is impressed with the way the Crookwell community has rallied around Hayes, with several fund-raisers including a raffle set up to help him and his family.

“This is personal here, and so everybody gets behind it – even if it’s just a couple of dollars, they get involved and they do what they can.”

The Crookwell Community Trust has set up a trust fund for Hayes at the Crookwell Bendigo Bank.

Image: Linda Lee, Harry Hayes (Brad’s brother), Matt Hayes (his father) and Annemaree Offley (Soul Pattinson Retail Manager). Image courtesy Linda Lee.

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