DDS donates $11,000+ to McGrath Foundation

DDS pink charity table for McGrath Foundation

Discount Drug Stores has donated $11,020 to the McGrath Foundation thanks to the generosity of Discount Drug Stores customers, after launching its Spotlight On Breast Health Clinics throughout 115 stores across Australia from August to October.

Customers who attended the free Breast Health Clinics booked a private 15 minute appointment to make the process quick and easy.

Customers were shown by a registered nurse how to conduct self examinations by using a silicone breast model for a comfortable learning environment.

Discount Drug Stores Professional Services Manager Stephenie Shea says the initiative was very successful and the group is proud to be donating the fundraising efforts to the McGrath Foundation.

“We are thrilled with the results of our first Spotlight On Breast Health Clinics as we have helped teach women all over Australia how to check their breasts and explained to them the different signs and risk factors to look out for,” says Shea.

“Better still, the $11,020 will help to increase the number of McGrath Breast Care Nurses across Australia.”

Shea thanked customers who helped raise the funds through purchasing McGrath Foundation bracelets or donating money while attending the free breast clinics. All clinic expenses were covered by Discount Drug Stores.

McGrath Foundation Ambassador and Director, Tracy Bevan, says the charity is grateful for the support of Discount Drug Stores because every dollar raised helps with ongoing funding for the McGrath Breast Care Nurse program.

“McGrath Breast Care Nurses help families through breast cancer by providing invaluable physical, psychological and emotional support from the time of diagnosis and throughout treatment,” says Bevan.

“We are proud to have funded 105 McGrath Breast Care Nurses working nationally who, together have supported over 36,000 families in Australia experiencing breast cancer. Fundraising events like Discount Drug Stores’ Breast Health Clinics are truly helping us to make a difference.”

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