DDS screens for diabetes

Discount Drug Stores pharmacists are set to offer free diabetes risk screenings over July and August

Every five minutes an Australian is diagnosed with diabetes, the group says.

The pharmacy’s ‘Give Diabetes The Finger’ campaign encourages all Australians, particularly those who may not be aware that they are at risk, to go in store for a risk assessment.

These assessments are designed to screen patients and advise of their potential risk of developing the condition, raise awareness of the symptoms and offer advice and tips to lower their risk of diabetes.

The offer coincides with National Diabetes Awareness Week (July 8-14).

Discount Drug Stores Professional Services Pharmacist Melissa Hui says she believes the launch of the free screenings is an opportune time for Australians to invest in prevention via early detection and improved management.

“If diabetes continues to rise at current rates, three million Australians over the age of 25 will be diagnosed by 2025. These are alarming statistics and we want all Australians to be aware of the potential warnings signs of diabetes before it permanently affects their wellbeing,” says Ms Hui.

Common warning signs of diabetes such as excessive thirst, chronic lethargy, and constant hunger often go undiagnosed and are attributed to other generic health conditions, meaning people are more likely to dismiss symptoms as a pre-cursor for diabetes, she says.

“Early diagnosis and lifestyle management can assist in combating diabetes, with research indicating over 500,000 Australians are living undiagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes,” says Ms Hui.

“Early prevention is key to a much healthier life, unburdened by lifetime healthcare costs which can set back a patient with diabetes over $4,000 a year. If you manage the condition early it can drastically reduce complications later in life.”


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  1. Paul Sapardanis

    Great idea but why is it free?

    • M M

      because you should add value to your customers, show them that you care and that their health matters.

      Customers are smart, they appreciate what you do for them!

      • Paul Sapardanis

        Your customers yes others??? Plus what value do we place on these services if they are offered for free

  2. Red Pill

    Hahaha they must have hired a discount marketing firm for this slogan. Very professional, ladies 😂😂😂

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