Discount deal uptake high

Sussan Ley

Most pharmacies offering co-pay discount, Minister claims as first 6CPA trials are revealed

More than three quarters of Australian pharmacies have offered the PBS co-pay discount, federal Minister for Health Sussan Ley says.

Speaking at APP2016 on the Gold Coast today, the minister said the government was pleased with the uptake of the program, which had been offered by around 79% of pharmacies.

“Most of them had offered the full discount,” Ley added.

When asked by AJP, she admitted that in many of these cases the discount may have been offered “only one or two times” by some of these pharmacies.

It was too early to say whether the PBS savings from the measure would meet budgeted amounts, she added.

Ms Ley also announced details of the first three professional service trials to be funded under the 6CPA Pharmacy Trial Program.

These are:

Improving medication management for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders through pharmacist advice

Pharmacy-based screening and referral for diabetes, and

Improved continuity in the management of patients’ medications when discharged from hospital.

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  1. geoff

    Is there a full transcript available? Statistics have been collected since 2013 I believe on Under Co-Payment dispensing- general scripts (and some Conc Rx available OTC) below the standard fee which have been the subject of discounting and price competition for some time. This is different from the Co-Pay discount and hopefully Minister Ley has not conflated the 2. Pricing on Concession scripts below $6.20 is straight forward but I am uncertain how discounting on general scripts below the standard fee could be measured

  2. Anthony

    What the minister said was 79% of pharmacies had offered the discounted copayment to at least one customer. A rather misleading statistic when closer to 30% of pharmacies are actually offering the discount across the board. Anything to make herself sound better I guess…

    • geoff

      are there even any statistics for 30% of pharmacies offering the discount? they are not on the website for PBS stats. I have only heard the claim that 30% of scripts in January had the copay discount but if true that does not translate to 30% of pharmacies as you would expect the larger volume pharmacies to be the ones offering discount…..Lets say 15% of pharmacies? Someone from Labour without a clear grasp of mathematics claimed that was a majority of pharmacies…..if repeated often enough, it becomes accepted as true

  3. David Haworth

    A poll was done on Auspharmlist and the result show approximately 30% of pharmacies were regularly discounting.No rural pharmacies I have worked in (4) since the change are discounting.

  4. Trevor

    Is there anyone who believes politicians? Even Ley wouldn’t take her own spiel seriously.

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