Doctors in anti-vax ‘underground network’

A handful of Melbourne doctors have formed an “underground network” to help families avoid mandatory vaccinations, the Herald Sun claims

In the article, “Secret Melbourne cell of anti-vaxxer doctors under investigation,” health reporter Grant McArthur has written that at least three GPs are part of the network.

One of these doctors has spoken out against the Government’s “no jab, no play” and “no jab, no pay” policies at a recent Hawthorn screening of the anti-vaccination film Vaxxed, the article says.

“The probe comes as an explosive video has emerged of one rebel anti-vaccination doctor and a colleague boasting of helping 600 Melbourne families to avoid immunisations,” the article says.

“Victoria’s Health Department and the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency are examining allegations raised about the Melbourne general practitioners who, it is claimed, are offering their services to families opposed to vaccinations.”

In an interview with 2CCC’s Tim Shaw yesterday, AMA president Dr Michael Gannon commended Social Services minister Christian Porter on the “no jab, no play” policy.

“We’re always uncomfortable in telling people exactly what to do, but on issues of population-wide childhood vaccination, we are strongly supportive of it, and have been advocating on that front long before Minister Porter or any other member of this Government took an interest in it,” he told Mr Shaw.

Associate Professor Julie Leask, a Principal Research Fellow in the School of Public Health at The University of Sydney, warned today that “doctors should only sign a valid exemption” but said the “no jab” policies could be harming the vaccination cause.

“There are very few genuine medical exemptions to vaccination,” she says. “Vaccines save lives and are generally safe, with some side effects and very rarely more serious reactions. 

“Some families unfortunately fear vaccines more than the diseases. This happens for a range of reasons – bad experiences with the system, mistrust, alternative beliefs.

“No policies will make them change. No Jab No Play effectively shuts out their children from enrolling children in childcare or pre-school.

“Some families are experiencing many difficulties.  No Jab No Play is putting tremendous pressure on the system and enlivening activism.

“There are and have always been some doctors who are against vaccination in general. They will be the ones non-vaccinators will flock to when they have no other options.  

“It would be better to have very strict and hard to reach exemptions for vaccine refusers so the policies don’t drive parents to these particular doctors and become even more disengaged with mainstream services.”

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  1. Deborah Taylor

    If vaccines are compulsory does that mean the government will now cover the cost of ALL side effects that occur?
    Whats next compulsory microchips?

    You cannot force nor tell people what to do healthwise unless you can show the double blind testing and scientific proof they do NO HARM to ANYONE.

    • fiquet

      Yes, Deborah people can do what they want , but shouldn’t expect the tax payer and the health system to help them out when the negative consequences of their choices bite them back. If you believe that the government and medical profession is forcing harmful vaccines on you/your child, then don’t vaccinate. But if your child gets measles or rubella, please don’t drag your child to a doctor or a hospital. Your medical research that points to overwhelming harm of vaccines should be sufficient to treat your child at home, without medications, without the help of government, tax payers and the medical profession. You and your family should bear the full cost of your decions if you truly believe you know better.

      • Deborah Taylor

        For this to be such a debated topic there must be some basis. Time will tell and one day in the future we may know. Lets hope they were safe.

        So if a child has symptoms after a vaccine only they should recieve help?

        Or do you mean those that dont vaccinate shouldnt be allowed medical assistance.

        My issue is the freedom of choice.
        Nobody liked to be forced to do anything.

        What will be compulsary next. Gene testing to insure an employee doesnt have any risk of future disease soanies dont have sick day issues?

        My issue is proof they are safe. No doctor will give me or tell me that but opiods are? Go figure.

        And having choice taken away from parents. Whos child is it really?

        • Philip Smith

          Valid points and some people are fearful.
          This study showed no issue with children with known genetic disorders.

          We are also forced everyday to do things we may not want to and if we don’t we are punished accordingly.

          Driving as an example.
          We must drive on left hand side.
          We must wear a seat belt.
          We must stay at or below the speed limit.
          We must have a licence to operate the car.
          We must register the car.
          The list goes on.

        • Andaroo

          I’d say I agree with fiquet. If a vaccinated child gets side effects then there treatment afterwards IS taken care of by the government, and if a parent CHOOSES not to vaccinate their child and that child gets sick, then they probably should have to fund their own treatment afterwards.

          The gap here is the main reason for this debate. It’s not for the children that can be vaccinated, it’s for the children who medically can’t be vaccinated. I doubt there are too many parents of children with leukaemia out there (or one of many other conditions that preclude vaccinating) that would be arguing anti-vaccination.

          I’m the biggest cynic of the medical/pharma industry so I really do hope that it says this way as scientific fact is only fact given a reference of time. But at present, scientific fact really does say that vaccination is up there with anti-biotics and sanitation as one of the most important medical discoveries and interventions in the modern age.

          I’m all for pro choice. But what I’m not for is false truths and bullshit noises made to sound like rational thought and scientific reason. Especially when the CHOICES made by some people based on these falsehoods can end up affecting others who weren’t fortunate enough in this life to be given that same choice.

        • Amandarose

          I agree with you about choice and not being ok with the heavy handed manipulation of people. I do think the no jay no play has a role in getting people who mean to get around to vaccinating but for what ever reason did not. I do think conscientious objections is fine though. You have that discussion, make a choice and it should be respected without financial harm.
          I don’t think the argument is is 100 percent safe is that strong. Nothing in life is including food allergies and alternative medicines. Anyone can have a reaction to anything in theory so we make educated informed choices.
          I agree that not all vaccines are equally beneficial and that some kids can have reactions. I do actually know 2 people harmed by vaccines causing Gillian Barre. It can happen. But illness can also cause it. We all have different perceptions about risk versus harm and they only way to give informed consent it’s to be presented with early to understand data with the pros and cons based on quality data. Unfortunatley mistrust is worsened by completely ignoring people concerns a poorly presented data. ANd that just the medication profession. THe alternative health nuts COMPLETELY misrepresent the risk and make up also of nonsense that is not even feasible let alone realistic. The only nut job theory that hold even a shred of credibility with with is the study on mice that shows aluminium adjuvants may potentially make food allergens more likely and that study was on mice not humans and not conclusive. Maybe avoid peanut butter introduction at vaccine time to be on the safe side.
          There would be things we do not know about vaccines but I am looking at our world and people are sure as hell living longer healthier lives so I think science is working for us!

    • Gavin Mingay

      Can you provide any evidence of a proven vaccine induced serious injury?

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