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Priceline Pharmacy outdoor shot

Priceline Pharmacy is now selling a range of vibrators called Smile Makers that are being advertised as “personal massagers”

The range has been added to Priceline’s sexual health section, which also offers lubricants, condoms and supplements.

Smile Makers launched its range at a celebrity endorsed event in late October, according to news reports, with the products promoted by former Bachelor contestants and Australian sexologist Dr Nikki Goldstein.

The ‘personal massagers’ come in colourful varieties with themed personalities such as The Tennis Coach, The Frenchman, The Surfer, The Millionaire and The Fireman.

“Is it hot in here, or is it just you? Well, the house may be burning but this helmeted stud isn’t afraid of an intense situation. He’s strong. He’s brave. And, oh my, he’s going to heat you up and leave you smouldering. Lie back and enjoy that lovely towering inferno, you damsel in distress. Your hero is coming,” reads the product description for The Fireman personal massager.

Dr Goldstein said it was about time for ‘pleasure products’ to be seen on the shelves in everyday shops, reports the Daily Mail.

“The use of pleasure products has long been associated with increased satisfaction in the bedroom but the normalisation of how we purchase these products needs to become more mainstream,” she said at the Smile Makers launch.

Smile Makers also offers a range of lubricants that the company says are pharma-graded with “a purity level of 99.5% or higher”.

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  1. Jarrod McMaugh

    Seem to me to be a good place to sell them. Think if the alternative retail outlets…. pharmacy as a venue to purchase them removes stigma

  2. David Haworth

    Typical Priceline management. This has been tried B4 by them and was a sales failure. People are too embarrassed to buy them from sales assistants who know them! Priceline never learns from its mistakes.

  3. chris

    Time to hit the Beach Boys ! Good vibrations are a happenin’.

  4. dubious

    Like Bunnings favourite market, Priceline getting into DIY

  5. Andrew Kelly

    And people wonder why we aren’t taken seriously as health professionals…….

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