Don’t let diabetes affect your dreams: Jack Perkins

Jack Perkins at Bathurst.
Jack Perkins at Bathurst.

Amcal Pharmacy has teamed up with Supercars driver Jack Perkins to offer Australians insight into how he manages his diabetes

The partnership aims to provide more education around diabetes and encourage more at-risk Australians to get themselves checked at their local pharmacy or GP surgery.

In the leadup to the Gold Coast 600 Mr Perkins will show his community how he manages his diabetes, including behind-the-scenes social content, interviews and candid conversations about his journey.

Amcal and Mr Perkins hope the move will help dispel stereotypes and mobilise those living with diabetes.

Followers will also be given an insight into intimate shots of Mr Perkins’ gruelling race training schedule.

This diabetes journey follows findings from Amcal’s 2018 Diabetes Care Review, which drew attention to the negative attitudes and misconceptions among the general public about diabetes.

For example, more than a quarter of Australians surveyed consider diabetes to be a self-inflicted disease and a burden on the health system.

Mr Perkins, the son of legendary retired race car driver Larry Perkins, was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes at 21 years of age and was told that he would never race a car again.

However he persevered to gain medical clearance and return to the sport he loves so much.

Ten years later, Mr Perkins says he is passionate about sharing his journey, empowering others living with the disease and breaking down the stigma attached to the condition.

“I won’t lie, there were moments when I was first diagnosed where I worried I would never race professionally again but the last decade is proof that you can manage diabetes and compete at the top level of Australian sports,” he said.

“I want people with diabetes, especially kids, to know that this condition can be managed and that it shouldn’t affect the goals you set yourself or the dreams you have”.

Amcal Pharmacy General Manager, Brian Tomlin, said that by sharing information and content which resonates with Mr Perkins’ audience, the pharmacy group hopes to reach more Australians not only to remove the stigma around diabetes but help people to better manage their condition.

He highlighted the Type 2 Diabetes risk assessment services offered by Amcal pharmacists to identify individuals at risk and advise them on the help available.

“Aussies living with diabetes have appealed for greater understanding of the condition, particularly as our research revealed that a third have faced some form of prejudice at work ranging from being judged for taking sick leave and being excluded from social gatherings to being passed over for a promotion.

“We’re proud to have teamed up with Jack Perkins and raise awareness that Aussies living with Diabetes are supported, that the condition can be managed and they do not need to feel held back. Jack’s story is a testament to this belief and we look forward to seeing his community engage with his journey,” Mr Tomlin said.


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  1. Brian Walsh

    Great inspiration to us all that diabetes is not a life sentence

  2. Brian Walsh

    Furthermore I reached out to him when I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and he was happy enough to chat to me about his management of the disease and how he prepares for racing and I’m only a simulation racer who wants to keep racing. A great ambassador for the cause.

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