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Pharmacy launches a campaign to aid struggling farmers

As the drought increasingly affects large parts of rural Australia, pharmacies are starting to see its impact on struggling farm families.

AJP was recently contacted by Emma Conway, an intern pharmacist at Lucy Walker Terry White Chemmart Goondiwindi, the 2017 Pharmacy of the Year. She has experienced first-hand the impact of the drought on the health care of her pharmacy’s patients.

Emma says: “Over the past few weeks-months I have had an overwhelming desire to do something to assist with the drought crisis.

We are lucky to not be as severely affected here as other spots in Queensland and Northern NSW. But with the lack of rain over winter and the failing of the large majority of the Winter Crops, we are starting to see quite a few anguished farmers through our door. 

On an average Tuesday afternoon a farmer came in to see me to pick up a new diabetes medication. 
He doesn’t qualify for a concession card as he is currently asset rich but cash poor. The absolute minimum I could charge him was $39.80 for a general script. Almost $40 on top of all of his already accumulating expenses to help better his health. 

He was hesitant, if not resistant to allocate this precious money on his own health and well being and I couldn’t help but empathise for his, and many other members of the community who are experiencing the same situation.

Our desire with Farmassist is to raise funds for a registered drought charity. Every dollar that we raise, our boss has decided to match to start an account for Drought Relief in store.

This account will be used to subside medications for farmers/farming families who are struggling to purchase their medications or basic health goods (panadol, nurofen, toothpaste). We will be able to subsidise the cost of these goods and ensure we are able to support their health and well being through this time”. 

The staff at Lucy Walker Chemmart have set up a GoFundMe page detailing their campaign ( https://www.gofundme.com/farmassist ) and are fundraising this weekend with a local BBQ supported by members of the community.

Visit their page for more information and to express your support. 

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