Drug supplier for Sylvia Choi sentenced

The young man that supplied Choi with “yellow Snapchats” and MDMA that led to her death has been released on bail

Physiotherapist Daniel Dung Huynh, 26, was charged for supplying Choi with an ecstasy pill and an MDMA capsule, which she took at Stereosonic festival in November 2015.

Choi took the drugs at the festival and was later taken to Concord Hospital, where she was pronounced dead.

Huynh was sentenced to a minimum of six months and maximum of one year in jail by magistrate Michelle Goodwin at Burwood Local Court on Monday for supplying Choi with the drugs.

Huynh previously pleaded guilty to two counts of supplying a prohibited drug and has been free on bail.

Court documents outlined how Huynh and Choi were part of a group conversation on the WhatsApp messaging app in the lead-up to the music festival last November, discussing which drugs would be supplied.

In the conversation Huynh told the group to take the drugs in halves, reports Fairfax Media.

“They’re called yellow snapchats,” the court heard Huynh said.

Yellow Snapchat with 200mg MDMA. Photo by MDMA Team.
Yellow Snapchats with 200mg MDMA. Photo by MDMA Team.

“About 200-250mg in concentration. Its suggested all over the net to take half. Then the other half and hr later. Btw if ever caught and brought into questioning by cops and u don’t have anything on you Deny deny deny and say it must have been the weird mirky water you drank from a random.”

“The language in those conversations indicates to me that he is an organised and experienced person in the supply of the drugs. Supply is supply,” said Ms Goodwin at the sentencing hearing.

Huynh’s representation argued that her client should not be sentenced for the death of Choi, but for the supply charges.

“As tragic as her death was, he is to be sentenced on the fact that he supplied her with a small amount of drugs,” she said.

A coronial inquest will be held in October to examine what actually caused her death, reports The Age.

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  1. Guy Callum-Power

    Such a terrible waste of two lives.

    Pill testing would likely have prevented this outcome.

  2. pagophilus

    A pharmacist should have known better. Let’s change the drug/party culture. We idolise rock stars and other celebrities and their drug- and alcohol-fuelled lifestyles, and then just expect that this is what young people will get up to before they settle down.

    • Doctor Doc

      The irony of this society. Authorities don’t understand the drug culture our youth grow up in.
      Believe it or not drugs play a major part in young people’s social scene.
      So we create this environment for them to grow up in yet we also want to condemn and isolate them when things happen.

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