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What were our most popular business-focused articles during 2019?

What you need to consider when looking to buy a pharmacy, or buy your first pharmacy, and how to differentiate commercial pharmacy practice from general retail were the leading topics with our business-minded readers in 2019. 

Once again, our stable of business experts were on the money in covering the topics that people wanted to read about. As with other ‘top article’ lists, a couple of this top 10 have had longevity, being first published in 2018.

Here are our top 10 business articles for 2019

  1. ‘You are pharmacists, not retailers.’ 
  2. 7 tips for buying your first pharmacy
  3. 10 Factors to Consider when Buying a Pharmacy
  4. Do you know how your dispensary is performing?
  5. Delusions of grandeur
  6. Intensity and mix are everything
  7. Pharmacy market update
  8. Keeping up with the trends
  9. Managing the goods
  10. The leadership vacuum

Please contact AJP if you have any ideas on business-related topics we should be covering, or that you would like to see updated.

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