Forged script, stolen goods and robbery

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A man has been sentenced after pleading guilty to altering a prescription which included a prohibited drug and possess a forged prescription, among other charges

A 22-year-old man from Southern Sydney has been sentenced in respect to several charges, one of which involved a forged script.

In July 2018, the man was found to a forged prescription which included a prohibited drug, Oxazepam, in his possession, knowing the prescription to have been forged.

The pharmacist to whom it was presented contacted the doctor who apparently prescribed the medication, the latter confirming that she had not issued the prescription.

Apparently, the doctor had had prescription pads stolen from her practice earlier in the year.

The man was charged with two criminal offences regarding the matter—the first being alter a prescription which includes a prohibited drug, and the second being in possession of a forged prescription.

He was further charged for having goods in personal custody suspected of being stolen, and for dishonestly obtaining property by deception, relating to another person’s wallet and an allegation of fraudulent transactions.

In respect of these four charges, the man indicated his guilt and asked the court to consider the charges when sentencing him in respect of the principal charge, robbery with an offensive weapon, relating to his attack on another man in September 2018 where he subsequently took his money.

The man entered a guilty plea at an early time in respect of the principal charge, with the remaining four charges taken into consideration in sentencing.

On 23 June, he was sentenced to two years’ imprisonment, to be served by way of an Intensive Corrections Order in the community.

He is also expected to complete 150 hours of community service, participate in a rehabilitation program and abstain from alcohol and drugs.

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