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asthma reliever puffer on its side

“Apotex brand of Salbutamol MDI was discontinued and stocks exhausted before 1st May leaving both remaining brands with a BPP and yet we have to wait until August for the BPP on the new cheapest brand (Asmol) to be removed.  CTG patients are asking for the cheapest brand but we still have to charge them a dollar.  Why the wait?  What is in any way difficult about making the necessary decision?”

What do you think?

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  1. Why is it so?

    Actually, from 01 June 2016, the APO brand will be deleted from PBS and the brand premium disappear from ASmol. So only for rest of this month will the brand premium on Asmol will be forced onto patients as the cheapest available brand of salbutamol inhaler. I thought whilst item still on the schedule the manuf (APO) should be made to have stock available…

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