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“It wasn’t too long ago that we were advised that diclofenac was the NSAID with most gastric and renal adverse effects. Recent Medscape article today – Achieving effective and safe pain control with NSAIDS, appears to refute this and claims diclofenac to be one of the safer options?? Comments?”

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  1. Geraldine Moses

    Hmmmm, I remember 4-5 years ago lots of evidence saying diclofenac carries the highest cardiovascular risk, due to evidence it caused more heart attacks and stroke than other NSAIDs. ( eg Trelle BMJ 2011) But not Gi and renal risk. ….. in fact, lots of evidence says it carries a good GI profile. Perhaps what you are remembering was longer ago than that . And that is the nature of evidence, isnt it. It’s always bloomin’ changing! And often conflicting, So you’ve got to keep up-to-date and read evidence with a critical eye. Am a bit skeptical of some of the evidence presented in this Medscape module, as the doses of ibuprofen quoted / used in the studies are 2400mg/day which is not used much in Australia.

    • Michelle Gerrie

      Thanks Geraldine. It is frustrating with the ever changing landscape and you are correct, it us up to the individual to keep abreast of new evidence ( I am also registered in the USA so it is difficult for me sometimes to understand why the guidelines are so damn different between countries. )Yes – the USA does use different dosing so i must bear that in mind with a critical eye as you say. I notice that Naproxen comes up frequently as an option in the USA but not much mention of it here in Oz. Your opinion on that one?

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