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“eRx claims 95% of scripts within 3 seconds. I am in a rural location and have times up to 30 seconds , some scripts need to be scanned three times before they eventually appear and some never call up.

“Do most people get the 3 second response?”

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  1. geoff

    I assume you have spoken to eRx already about tweaking your system ph 130 700 921. Generally we get 3 seconds or less, am in suburban Newcastle and currently using satellite internet because Telstra land line was slow due to being too far from the exchange, waiting on NBN and hoping for more consistency. Some local Drs just won’t get the barcodes on their scripts so our scan rate is only about 60%. It is not our techs not using it as it is easier to dispense if there is an eRx code.
    Some scanners are better than others and also router speed on your network. We had a backoffice terminal that always timed out at about 3-5 seconds but would then read the barcode if rescanned. FRED/eRx got in online and it now works everytime.
    The big letdown I have is that the Dr’s SIGs do not populate our directions box (in FRED dispense) so directions need to be entered each script- am I missing something?

    • Brandon

      Hi geoff

      Have you tried typing “dd” into the blank directions box? I believe that will bring the Dr’s instructions from eRx into the directions box. Been a while since I used Fred but give it a go.

      • geoff

        thanks Brandon, using dd drops off the ‘Take’ so dd of 1 daily becomes /1 daily which transposes to a rather blunt ‘ONE daily’ on the label. I have put a call in to FRED support to see if we are doing something wrong.

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