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“I have just had 2 HMR’s rejected as the date I sent the report fell into the following month – ie I saw the patients on the 30th but did not send  the report until 2nd.

I have never had this issue and could not find in writing anything about the date of service being today the report was sent. I assumed and I can’t find anything in writing to refute it that the day I see the patient is the month it falls into the claim.

This really annoys me as I did not go over the cap for either month but because the 8 I saw at the end of May but sent in June has pushed me over the June cap by 2 even though I only saw 15 patients and even less the previous month.

If the date sent is the date to go by that is ridiculous and difficult to manage.  Oft patients are sick and you may end up seeing more at the end of one month which won’t be sent until the next day or two.

Anyone else had similar issues?”

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