Forum: inappropriate PBS Osteomol supply?

“I am frustrated that some pharmacies continue to supply Osteomol  to patients who clearly do not fit the criteria laid down by the PBS.It is not an ethical practice, and patients who are refused at my pharmacy seem to think we are ripping them off when we offer to supply Panadol Osteo OTC at the new retail price.”

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  1. DK

    In WA it is illegal to question whether someone is Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander, it is the patient who self identifies. Therefore if a doctor has written a PBS script for OSTEOMOL how can we decline sale? And please in your infinite wisdom explain how you can obviously tell if someone does not meet this category.

    • pagophilus

      Exactly. In today’s society we promote the fallacy that you are who you identify as. Therefore a man can decide he’s a woman, and a non-Aboriginal can decide he/she is an Abroginal, and NO PROOF IS NECESSARY. And we’re supposed to accept it all in the name of inclusivity/non-discrimination. What a load of crap! Expect more of the same.

      • DK

        I wasn’t trying to start a race debate. My point is that if it is a valid PBS script, and we are not allowed to question someone on their self-identification, then we must dispense it. Stock allowing of course.

    • PharmOwner

      Simple answer: relist Panadol Osteo on the PBS without racial restrictions. Oh wait, that was last year.

  2. James Ip

    After a number of conversations with Medicare, I was told that pharmacists should not be making the judgement of whether a patient fit a restricted benefit criteria. That is the doctor’s responsibility. The pharmacist from Medicare made the comparison that pharmacists do not question if a patient is prescribed Lipitor for it’s restricted benefit criteria.
    Unfortunately, a portion of the cost saving the government planned from these PBS deletions will not come to be, which means they will look for cuts elsewhere.
    I feel doctor’s prescribing software is lacking when it comes to meeting PBS requirements. Medicare saved money when Pharmacist software was linked to Medicare by detecting invalid claims. They could save more money linking prescriber software in the same way

  3. RB

    I’m actually more interested by the number of scripts coming through with ‘CTG’ handwritten on them. Word seems to have got out amongst a certain demographic that you can get all your meds for free. Do we have a responsibility to check if the doctor has written it on?

  4. William Tweedie

    I have a script from my doctor ,approved by dva for pain relief after knee replacement, terry white in coffs harbour nsw told this product is no longer made and not available.i went palm centre pharmacy in coffs and was told it is available ,other pharmacies have no stock on the central coast and are waiting on deliveries ,what is the real story ,William tweedie

    • Damian Lnghurst

      There has been ongoing supply issues with the manufacturer of the Osteomol brand and in pharmacies around the local area have been seeing ETAs of 16 weeks at a time to get some stock in which sells within the first week due to maximum order quantities. Other pharmacies have just given up bothering with the constant out of stocks that Osteomol Is having

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