Forum: The three questions that every patient should ask their doctor

Interesting article about the risk of medical treatment. Not once are pharmacists mentioned, despite having the primary role of ensuring that a prescriber is acting appropriately.”

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  1. Jason Huynh

    I do find it disheartening that pharmacist aren’t mentioned but I do agree with the theme of the article: doctors should know better. It’s not their domain to know about pkpd and interactions but at least answering the three fundamental questions is sufficient.

    Futhermore, The article does patronise the patient. Customers do ask us, the pharmacists, those questions. When customers disagree with their own treatments, we’re often the first people they talk to before seeing the doctors.

    However, I’ve been cautioned about encroaching on the doctors’ prescribing opinions. As an early career pharmacist, I’ve been conditioned to believe that our role in primary health role is limited to fixing numerical and administrative errors.

    So, how do we fit in the big picture ? Especially when it’s frown upon us to seem ‘smarter’ than the big guys .

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