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An AusPharm member writes: “Following on from the AJP article How well do you understand EC?

Dr Philip Goldstone takes a look at awareness and understanding of emergency contraception among pharmacists

Not exactly a huge sample size, but I cant be the only one worried that less than 100% of respondents answered correctly for each of those very simple questions.. What are other’s opinions on this?

I remember at an intern training course we were asked an “ethical dilemma” question something along the lines of, ‘A women who looks to be in her early 20’s comes into your pharmacy and asks for 6 packs of emergency contraception. After some questioning you ascertain that she is going to a remote village overseas for a period of time without access to pharmaceuticals, and does not want to use a regular COC (has tried it in the past). How do you proceed?’

There really is only 1 correct way to proceed in my humble opinion (supply and counsel), but the interns in the room at the time came up with all manner of responses which put the women at an unnecessary risk of an unplanned pregnancy or was judgmental of her sexual behaviour. At the time I put it down to interns being interns, but it seems the problem runs deeper if the results of this survey are anything to go by..

What are other peoples stories with supplying EC?”

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