Forum: Wage increase: Fairwork Commission’s final ruling?

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“Many of us have been waiting eagerly for the final decision of Fair Work Commission regarding a rise in pharmacists’ minimum wage. PPA had estimated a final decision in Feb 2016 but it got pushed forward due to further submissions by both PPA and PGA.

So as we are waiting for the final ruling, what hourly wage do you expect to see being announced and could you stay in this profession with those award rates?”

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  1. Bris owner

    As an owner of a small independent pharmacy and a Guild member I’d like to see a minimum of $30/hr for a newly qualified pharmacist. And minimum of $35 for an experienced pharmacist.
    It’s too late to halt the progression of CWH, but at least forcing them to pay a decent wage would level the playing field somewhat. And while some employees might not believe it, I think that most owners agree with me (after all we are pharmacists, and were once employees too). Whilst most members may want it you can’t expect the Guild to ask FWA for a higher award rate, they would be the laughing stock of industry associations. That is what PPA are there for, but they just have to make realistic requests so that the Guild can say yep that’s reasonable we don’t oppose it. With decent wages we can make a case to the gov for better remuneration of professional services. It’s hard to ask for more when they know that some groups only pay $25/hr.

  2. United we stand

    I think PPA is going for $32/hr as minimum wage and $35/hr for experienced pharmacist. That is a reasonable request and hopefully we’ll be granted this increase

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