Forum: What’s the go with the 1 July NDSS changes?

Girl giving herself insulin shot

“A customer just handed me a letter outlining changes to the NDSS scheme supplies from July 1st. NDSS will no longer supply anything and pharmacy will now be expected to supply additional items such as insulin pump supplies. Will this be a cost to pharmacy or will pharmacy actually begin to make money from this service? Would pharmacy leaders like to outline how the changes will affect us?”

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  1. Ted

    You don’t have to ask! Do you think the government is passing this to us because the govt is making heaps of money from it, and they want us to make heaps too? No! They are only passing it to us, because they are LOSING heaps of money from it, and it takes up too much time. And of course, because pharmacy is the only ‘profession’ stupid enough to accept a shaft like this without a whimper! There, you go, mystery solved. You know I’m right. The Guild might even be craven enough to thank the government for yet another poisoned chalice.

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