Forum: will pharmacists be replaced by computers?

“In a study pharmacists were a profession that had only a 1.2% chance to be replaced by machines in the next 20 years. ( follow the link and the table of 700 or so jobs are list at the end of the PDF )

“In September 2013, two Oxford researchers, Carl Benedikt Frey and Michael A. Osborne, published ‘The Future of Employment,’ in which they surveyed the likelihood of different professions being taken over by computer algorithms within the next 20 years, and they estimated that 47 percent of US jobs are at high risk. For example, there is a 99 percent probability that by 2033 human telemarketers and insurance underwriters will lose their jobs to algorithms. There is a 98 percent probability that the same will happen to sports referees. Cashiers — 97 percent. Chefs — 96 percent. Waiters — 94 percent. Paralegals — 94 percent. Tour guides — 91 percent. Bakers — 89 percent. Bus drivers — 89 percent. Construction laborers — 88 percent. Veterinary assistants — 86 percent. Security guards — 84 percent. Sailors — 83 percent. Bartenders — 77 percent. Archivists — 76 percent. Carpenters — 72 percent. Lifeguards — 67 percent. There are, of course, some safe jobs. The likelihood that computer algorithms will displace archaeologists by 2033 is only 0.7 percent, because their job requires highly sophisticated types of pattern recognition and doesn’t produce huge profits and it is improbable that corporations or government will make the necessary investment to automate archaeology within the next 20 years.”

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  1. Philip Smith

    Lifeguards 67%?
    Wow swimming robots or some kind of drone?

  2. William

    “In a study pharmacists were a profession that had only a 1.2% chance to be replaced by machines in the next 20 years.
    I would not be very confident in this claim about pharmacists low chances of being relevant even in 5 to 10 years. Budget pressures will ensure some action. If you are worried about supermarkets entering the area tghen read further.
    Consider this scenario: the prescribing doctors have online connectivity to send their prescription to designated area dispensaries which will check electronically the accuracy against the patients history and then feed it into the automated robotic dispensing system which then can either put it in a collection area for the patient to collect or if in a remote area despatch it by an appropriate means to the patient.
    It would be similar to modern order taking/despatch warehouses.
    It eliminates potential for transcription errors and allows rationalisation of stock holdings cutting overall holding costs.
    Things are “a changing” folk. What was inconceivable ten years ago is no longer so.

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