Free continuous glucose monitoring devices for young Australians

From 1 April, the Federal Government is providing free continuous glucose monitoring devices to eligible children and people under the age of 21 years with type 1 diabetes

Eligible young Australians will now be able to access these devices for free through the National Diabetes Services Scheme, which the government says will lead to savings of around $4000 per year.

Continuous glucose monitors alert users or their parents if glucose levels are getting too low without the need for continuous finger prick tests.

“This new lifesaving technology will reduce the hassle of the daily finger-prick for people with diabetics who use this new product,” says Health Minister Greg Hunt in a statement.

“It will also provide much-needed support for the difficult challenge of managing blood glucose levels, particularly in identifying symptoms of hypoglycaemia.”

Minister Hunt says the government has worked collaboratively with expert endocrinologists and paediatricians and diabetes educators, as well as Diabetes Australia, the DANII Foundation, the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation and the Pharmacy Guild of Australia, in order to launch the $54 million initiative.

To access continuous glucose monitoring products, children and young adults will need to consult with an authorised health professional who will assess the patient’s suitability against specific eligibility criteria, as part of an overall management plan for diabetes.

From today, eligibility assessment forms will be available to download online.

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  1. Emma

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