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What impact will the 1 October PBS cuts have on the 20 most commonly prescribed medicines? 

Pharmacy is gearing up for the 1 October round of PBS price cuts.

As recorded yesterday in AJP, more than 2000 medicine brands will be reduced in price for non-concessional patients in this wave of cuts. 

The top 20 most prescribed medicines on the PBS will all experience some degree of price cuts from 1 October 2016.

The savings for these medicines may vary depending on a number of factors such as formulation and strength, brand, the concessional status of the patient and any discretionary fees added or discounting by the pharmacist.

Drug name

Number of non-concessional patients benefiting

$ savings per script

% savings per script

Levonorgestrel with ethinyloestradiol>679000Up to $0.854.65%
Rosuvastatin>449000Up to $4.6314.23%
Atorvastatin>395000Up to $2.2812.58%
Pantoprazole>376000Up to $0.453.20%
Metformin>319000Up to $0.543.42%
Perindopril>285000Up to $1.086.41%
Escitalopram>285000Up to $0.413.04%
Celecoxib>270000Up to $1.486.68%
Rabeprazole>165000Up to $1.459.14%
Irbesartan>156000Up to $1.8911.41%
Telmisartan>152000Up to $2.6212.50%
Venlafaxine>137000Up to $2.0111.36%
Candesartan>130000Up to $1.507.85%
Ramipril>130000Up to $0.543.65%
Irbesartan with hydrochlorothiazide>100000Up to $3.8520.14%
Citalopram>100000Up to $0.443.27%
Perindopril with amlodipine>95000Up to $1.086.02%
Duloxetine>86000Up to $2.2211.17%
Simvastatin>82000Up to $0.694.60%
Telmisartan with hydrochlorothiazide>65000Up to $2.6111.62%



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  1. Big John

    Wholesalers have already announced their very own cuts to owners’ discounts. They receive a massive amount of $$$ from pharmacists plus a massive chunk of pharmacist’s CPA $$$. Owning major banner groups they have far too much power in the industry. Owners need to start exploring direct ordering eg. Pfizer direct, who have really lifted their game.

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