Government will never legalise ice: Fiona Nash

crystal methamphetamine (ice)

The Australian Government will never legalise ice, Assistant Minister for Health Fiona Nash has announced following calls to legalise the drug.

“Ice typically contains poisons,” Nash said in a statement yesterday. “Ingredients often include acetone, found in nail polish remover and paint thinner, sulphuric acid as you’d find in drain or toilet cleaner, and lithium, which is used in batteries.

“Ice is a powerful psychoactive stimulant with strong links to violence and depression.

“It is an amphetamine – not a drug which relaxes or calms people. Ice is not a “soft” drug.

“After heavy use, the body reduces or ceases making its own serotonin and dopamine – chemicals necessary to feel good. Users often fall into depression and sometimes suicide.”

She says that ice literally breaks down the neural pathways in the brain, ruins memory, concentration and focus, as well as the more general health of users.

“I’ve met addicts and recovering addicts in the past six months,” she says. “I’ve looked into their eyes; and I’ve also met their mothers.

“I could never sleep at night knowing I’d been part of a government that legalised a substance which caused so much physical and mental pain.

“During my recent 25,000 kilometre tour holding community consultations on ice – I’ve now done so in 12 regional communities – police of all ranks have repeatedly told me we can’t arrest our way out of the ice problem.

“I’ve been open to new suggestions and understand a range of measures are needed.

“Education is key – we must teach our young people about the dangers of ice. There’s no need to exaggerate the message – the truth is scary enough.

“However, legalising the drug would send the message that ice is not dangerous. This is the wrong message to send. Legalising what is arguably the worst drug Australia has seen is madness.

“A Coalition Government will never legalise a drug that destroys brain function, mental wellbeing, general health, employment, relationships, lives and families.”

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  1. Shane Pike

    Ice is definitely NOT the worst drug we have seen. Ice (Recrystalised DextroMethylAmphetamine) is a Dopamine Reuptake Inhibitor but there is a more “Euphoric” drug called MDPV (MethyleneDioxyPyroValerone) which is a Dopamine + NorAdrenaline Reuptake inhibitor that is now just starting to be used more. The less “Ice” that is available, the more MDPV is being used.
    The ONLY POSSIBLE chance that those addicted to Ice have is if the Government “grew a brain” and legalised DextroAmphetamine (without the Methyl group that Ice has) which is not NeuroToxic at all.
    Dextro Amphetamine is 1/4 the strength of Ice.
    These Pharmacological FACTS are EXACTLY why “Drugs Legislation” MUST be the SOLE domain of Medical professionals ONLY & NOT Dimwitted Ministers AND POLICE.

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