GP-pharmacist model at Camp Hill ‘impressive,’ says Ley

Ley and others at Camp HIll

Health Minister Sussan Ley has toured a health care practice featuring integrated pharmacy services and given it the thumbs up.

Minister Ley thanked an “impressive” lineup of health professionals, including pharmacy, after visiting Camp Hill Healthcare to see integrated GP-pharmacist care in practice.

PSA CEO Lance Emerson told the AJP that the Minister was interested in seeing how the GP-pharmacist model works in the community.

“She’d been wanting to visit Chris Freeman’s practice for some time, and this was an opportunity for her to see how the practice works, to understand the model and to talk through what it means for patient health,” Dr Emerson says.


Dr Emerson says that a pharmacist embedded as part of a primary health care team within a GP practice assists not only those in the practice but also the patients.

“What we know is that this is leading to improved health of those patients and allowing for future integrated and collaborative care,” he told the AJP.

“We certainly believe this model should be scaled up, and we’ve been promoting that for some time to the Federal Government and others.

“There’s strong evidence internationally that demonstrates it’s good for patients, it’s good for GPs and it’s also good for local community pharmacy.

“Based on the overseas experience, we see improved referral through to community pharmacy and a stronger role for it where there is a GP pharmacist in the area.”

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  1. Geraldine Moses

    Way to go Chris Freeman and the team at Camp Hill Healthcare! You are really leading the way for the next generation of pharmacists.

  2. Angus Thompson

    Awesome to see this publicity Chris – great job !

  3. Kevin Hayward

    well done Chris

  4. Tim

    Yay Minister Ley for her interest in this (presumably) non-government funded model of pharmacy care.. and YAY! Minister Ley for her introduction, promotion and celebration of the ‘co-payent discount’ model for the PBS! Progressive Innovator!!

  5. Paige

    Too bad most GP surgeries would rather burn as at the stake than give us a job in their practices.

  6. worried

    so what a medical centre with a pharmacy in it …big deal

  7. Kurt

    A typical non-comment from the non-entity Ms Ley. Big smiles from the minnows standing next to her. You know what is about to happen when a Right Honourable Minister gives you a smile and a pat on the head – the bad new is not far off.

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