Hungry stork gets help from pharmacists

Not long ago staff and travellers at Melbourne Airport’s pharmacy were surprised to find a kangaroo jumping into the store and needing to be rescued; in Germany it appears other wildlife have had the same idea.

Pharmacists in Germany came to the rescue of a hungry, dehydrated stork when it turned up in the Beyschlagsche Apotheke in Erlangen-Höchstadt, Bavaria.

The Local reports that the young bird left its nest on the pharmacy’s roof to go for a wander up and down the shopping strip for several hours, finally coming back into the pharmacy around midday.

Owner Gabriele Sehring-Castelli said that the stork was probably looking for refuge as well as food and water.

The pharmacists gave it a watering can full of water and planned to let it find its own way back home, but soon realised that it “couldn’t fly and needed help”, Sehring-Castelli said.

An expert on storks was consulted, who found out that the young bird was missing several feathers, probably due to cold and wet conditions in the few weeks after the bird had hatched, and said that it probably had not been fed by its parents as it could not fly.

The stork is now recuperating in a Nuremburg zoo, and it’s likely its feathers will eventually grow naturally.

Image: Helmut Biehler, Facebook

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