‘I don’t think it was a pharmacist who designed the game.’

Pharmacy 3D. Image via the App Store.

How well did this smartphone game portray a day in the life of a pharmacist?

When looking for training simulation programs, pharmacist and blogger Cynthia Leung came across something unexpected: a job simulator which professed to give users a taste of working in pharmacy.

Created by Oguzhan Arnak, the Pharmacy 3D game claims to be the “Most Addictive Game Ever”.

“Pharmacy simulation is a free game, you will be get a prescription and you should give your customers with a right medication,” it says.

“Safe your town to be a good Chemist.”

Curious, the Ontario, Canada-based author of the drugopinions blog, decided to check it out, observing that it was designed for children, and play was free.

“I don’t think it was a pharmacist who designed the game,” she noted after giving it a go.

“At least I hope it was not. It really didn’t accurately capture the role of a pharmacist.

“On the one hand, It was a game for kids over 4, so it shouldn’t be too complex. But I also felt that if this is how pharmacists are introduced to kids, it’s not fair to the profession either.”

She observed that the game involved “identifying the items on a prescription and picking out the correct bottles and placing them in a bag for a patient (who looks kind of upset!) and then stamping the prescription”.

Missing were most steps in the general process, from confirming the patient’s identity to offering the patient education about how to take their medicine correctly and keeping an eye out for side-effects.

Also missing were other demands such as vaccination and counselling services.

“The game also lacks accurate description of the medicines. In several games, the prescription was looking for a grey bottle which could not be found on the prescription shelf!” Ms Leung wrote.

“Maybe it was on back order. Sigh.”

The game has a rating of 2.5 stars out of five on the App Store.

As for gameplay… Ms Leung failed to shine, she wrote with apparent amusement. “As you can see, I failed to dispense the correct medicine!!!”

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  1. Eta Chow

    It appears that the designer of the game does not have English as his or her first language. It risks for the wider community to accept this as normal, given that it is a published material.

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