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Concerns raised that Indian lockdown could soon add to our medicine supply woes 

Concerns have been raised about the possibility of medicine supply shortages due to a COVID-19 lockdown being implemented in India.

The Indian lockdown, and reliance on sole suppliers has led to a medicine shortage in New
Zealand while Australian manufacturers say they are “working closely with Government” on the issue, according to industry newsletter BioPharmaDisptach.

There are concerns the lockdown is likely to impact on manufacturing and supply.

A significant proportion of Australia’s medicines supply is sourced from India, BioPharmaDispatch said, adding that despite a lockdown exception for medicines, media in India had reported disruptions.

In a joint statement, Medicines Australia and the Generic and Biosimilar Medicines Association said they
are “working closely with Government to actively monitor the temporary restrictions in place to some
APIs and the impact on Australia’s medicines supplies.

At present, there are no immediate or urgent needs – this is being closely reviewed with the TGA. India is currently facing US pressure to lift restrictions for all countries”.

“At the same time, China is ramping up its manufacturing of APIs [active pharmaceutical ingredients].
This is also being closely monitored with Government and how this reactivation will flow into the global
manufacturing chain,” the statement said.

“On a global level, companies are carefully tracking and managing not only the delivery of their
medicines to Australia but also, for those that manufacture, they are working across all the goods
required to continue their manufacturing processes.”


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