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The Pharmacy Guild of Australia has emerged again as one of the biggest political donors among healthcare stakeholders

Recently released figures from the Australian Electoral Commission reveal that the Guild donated $212,935 to political parties during the 2016/17 Financial Year.

Of this amount, $108,810 went to the ALP, $75,135 to the Liberal Party and $29,000 to the Nationals.

The biggest single branch donation was $46,600 donated to the Victorian ALP. The biggest single Liberal branch donation was also to its Victorian branch—$40,205.

While still sizeable, the Guild’s donations were down slightly from the $238,000 gifted to political parties in 2015/16.

A spokesperson for the Guild said: “Like many industry bodies, the Guild contributes to political parties through attending paid political events. At no time has the Guild linked such contributions and engagement to specific issues or policy decisions”.

“Like many other organisations we regard this as legitimate support for our democratic political processes.”

Amongst other healthcare bodies, Medicines Australia donated $69,450—also down slightly from 2015/16 (from $82,000).

Of key pharmaceutical companies, Novartis gave $98,000, Pfizer $44,000, Sanofi-Aventis $86,000, Roche $20,000

Major GP clinic operator Primary Healthcare donated around $63,000.

As reported in mainstream media sources, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull was the single biggest individual donor, gifting a massive $1.75 million to the Liberal Party.

The Guild’s donations have already received play on GP media outlets.

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