Injured kitten seeks first aid at pharmacy

Quinn the kitten. Image: Southern Cross Animal Rescue via Facebook.
Quinn the kitten. Image: Southern Cross Animal Rescue via Facebook.

When a tiny kitten badly hurt both her back legs, she knew exactly where to go for help: the local pharmacy

Southern Cross Animal Rescue is calling for donations to help the kitten, who was found trying to drag herself into Quinn’s Pharmacy in Laurel, Mississippi, late last week.

Quinn’s Pharmacy is a sponsor of SCAR’s animal cruelty ribbon campaign, reports One Green Planet, and the staff there initially looked after the kitten until SCAR was able to arrive and assess her.

The kitten has been named Quinn, after the pharmacy.

“This poor baby was dragging both of her back legs and looking for someone to help her,” writes SCAR on its Facebook page.

“She is currently at Parkside Animal Hospital. Her right leg has torn ligaments that will likely heal on their own but her left leg is broken at the femur and will need pins put in.”

SCAR is hoping to raise US$500 (AUD$679) to pay for Quinn’s surgery, and then have the kitten adopted.

Quinn is not the first animal to seek first aid at her local pharmacy: in 2016 a hungry, dehydrated young stork sought and received help at the Beyschlagsche Apotheke in Erlangen-Höchstadt, Bavaria.

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