‘It gives me a lot to live for.’

Con Mottee. Image: 7.30 Report/ABC

The ABC has interviewed a 90-year-old pharmacist from Taree who has been working in the same pharmacy for nearly 65 years

Pharmacist Con Mottee, who works for Saxby’s Pharmacy, Taree, has been interviewed by the 7.30 Report.

Mr Mottee has been working for the same pharmacy since 1955 – first employed by Ted Saxby and now by Mr Saxby’s son-in-law.

He works two mornings per week.

“Nowadays, I do Webster packs for some of our customers that require them to be made,” he told 7.30 Report.

“I really don’t miss the old days of pharmacy because you were jammed around the dispensary from daylight to dawn making up medications.

“In those days, we’d make up what the doctors wrote the scripts for that was, whether it was mixtures, like stomach mixtures or tonics or powders. We used to make up ear drops, eye drops.

“It was pretty hard yakka, a lot of work put it that way,” said Mr Mottee.

He even met his wife in the pharmacy, although she has now passed away.

“Going down the shop, and mixing with the girls and that, it gives me a lot to live for, to tell you the truth,” he said.

“I’d be lost without it.”

Watch the full episode here

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