‘It’s about putting the patient at the middle of what you do.’

L-R: 2019 award winners Tim Stewart and Bradley Butt from Men's Health Down Under, Cooleman Court Pharmacy, ACT, with Liz Chatwin, Country President of Astra Zeneca.

Bradley Butt is the Innovative Pharmacist of the Year for 2019

Bradley Butt, managing partner at Cooleman Court Pharmacy, Canberra was recognised as the UTS Innovative Pharmacist of the Year for 2019 at a ceremony on Wednesday night.

The annual award recognises those in the profession who are “redefining pharmacy”, with partner AstraZeneca providing a $5,000 grant that goes towards to the winner’s professional development. 

Mr Butt was chosen for his work as the founder and lead pharmacist of Mens Health Downunder, a pharmacist-led program launched in 2013 that supports male urological health.

“In the last five years we’ve gone from working with prostate cancer patients primarily to delving into erectile dysfunction, Peyronie’s disease, buried penis, incontinence, partner support, mental health, the list goes on and on,” he explained on accepting the award at the UTS Pharmacy Gala Dinner.

“I guess that is an indication as to the level of innovation that we’ve been able to bring to this area and also the gap that existed,” he said.

“We went from one urologist in 2011 to probably a dozen now from across Australia. Our Mens Health Downunder brand is a national brand and gaining traction all the time with its professional service delivery.”

Mr Butt said Cooleman Court Pharmacy is set to open a pharmacist-led clinic in the medical precinct in Canberra in February 2020, where they will charge more than $200 per hour-long consult.

He said pharmacists who are interested in charging for professional services can “absolutely do it – but you’ve got to pitch it”.

“You’ve got to have a go and don’t take things too seriously,” he added.

“It’s not about making money, it’s not about the awards or the accolades, it’s about putting the patient at the middle of what you do, and if you do that the rest comes and it all works for you.

“I think we all know that, but if we all practised that more on a day-to-day basis I think the profession would be in a stronger position.”

He thanked AstraZeneca and UTS for the award, and also highlighted the work of his colleague Tim Stewart, an early career pharmacist who joined Mr Butt 18 months ago and now delivers most of the men’s health service.

Liz Chatwin, Country President of Astra Zeneca, said her company was excited present the 2019 Innovative Pharmacist of the Year Award.

“We believe that one of the most important healthcare professionals is the pharmacist because they deal with patients at the coalface,” she said.

“And so we’re really proud to be again supporting this award and working with current and future pharmacists so we can continue that innovation platform.”

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  1. David Bryant

    Congratulations to Brad, Tim and the team at Cooleman Court Pharmacy, a well deserved accolade!

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