Jenny Gowan is Consultant Pharmacist of the Year

Long-time AJP contributor Jenny Gowan has been awarded the AACP-MIMS 2016 Consultant Pharmacist of the Year.

Gowan told the AJP that she is greatly honoured by the award, and says while consultant pharmacists are a vital part of the health care team, it’s important they have skills in a range of areas.

“I’ve been involved in medicines reviews since before we got Government funding, in the days when we had Pharmaceutical Care,” she says.

“With Louis Roller and Bill Horsfall and then Robyn Saunders, I’ve done the training for Victoria, been involved in mentoring and marketing, and pharmacists come from all around Australia to get their accreditation. I started off doing home medicines reviews, residential ones in aged care homes.

“We’ve trained lots and lots of pharmacists and encouraged a lot of people on their journey along this consultant route.”

Gowan cautions, however, that pharmacists can’t put all their eggs into one consultancy basket.

“Because we have uncertainty of funding, people doing this role really need to diversify and should be multiskilled, still doing a bit of practice in the community or hospitals.

“We’ve got to move out into the multidisciplinary environment and I think this is where I’ve been quite successful; I’ve worked at a community health centre for six years, I’ve done a lot with chronic disease management groups, I do a lot of nurse education, I’m on the scheduling committee of the podiatry board, I of course contribute to the AJP… this diversification is the way of the future.

“It’s about keeping in touch with community practitioners, networking with a lot of GPs and a lot of specialists and really showing people that pharmacists have a lot to contribute and that we can be very useful in the total health care team.”

CEO of Australian Pharmaceutical Publishing, which publishes the AJP, David Weston congratulated Gowan on the achievement.

“Being named AACP Consultant Pharmacist of the Year is a richly deserved and appropriate recognition of Jenny Gowan’s efforts and work over many years as a consultant pharmacist and yet another acknowledgement of her contribution to the pharmacy profession,” Weston says.

“Jenny was recognised by the PSA in 2013 when she was named Pharmacist of the Year. She is also the first Victorian to receive the AACP’s award.

“For more than 21 years, Jenny and Monash University’s Louis Roller have made a very significant contribution to the education of Australian pharmacists through the pages of the AJP by researching and writing their Disease State Management articles in every issue. That’s around 250 articles or more than 1.5 million words.

“By any measure, this is an extraordinary effort, and all done in addition to their ‘real work’ as pharmacists and educators.

“As a consultant pharmacist, educator and mentor to many, few pharmacists have made such a significant contribution to the lives and careers of others. On behalf of everyone at the AJP, I extend our warmest congratulations to Jenny on her latest award.”

Pharmacists took to Facebook to congratulate Gowan on the award.

“Congrats on yet another award Jenny!” wrote AusPharmList founder Mark Dunn.

“Wow Jenny, not only Pharmacist of the Year but now Consultant Pharmacist of the Year. Surely you also take the prize of ‘most accolades achieved by a pharmacist!’” wrote Simone Findlay.

“A huge congratulations to our wonderful colleague and friend Jenny Gowan,” wrote Brian Meier. “She has won the 2016 Consultant Pharmacist of the year award! What a well deserved accolade and what an absolute honor and pleasure to work with someone so dedicated and inspirational.”

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