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A NSW pharmacy has made headlines after a cute koala wandered inside. Which unusual animal has come through your pharmacy door?

Pharmacy staff from Tocumwal Guardian Pharmacy were overcome with surprise when a little koala ambled through their doors.

Tocumwal is a regional town that sits between two states, located on the Murray River between NSW and Victoria.

“Where are the eucalyptus drops? He walked the store, got some free pharmacy advice and then headed to the tree up the road. Only in Toc!” said the pharmacy on its Facebook page.

“It was a wild koala, so I didn’t know what to expect. So when it came in, I thought ‘oh… oh no, I hope it doesn’t hurt itself’. But it was so relaxed and cruisy,” said pharmacy assistant Gabby Wiles.

The pharmacy staff were advised to let it do its thing, then escorted it safely down the road to the closest tree.

Pharmacist Ashley Wiles said “Since it’s happened and we put it on our Facebook page, we’ve actually had messages from people in England, Ireland and all across the country saying ‘I wish I was there!’”

Karalyn Huxhagan, from Rural View Terry White Chemmart Pharmacy in Mackay, says a goanna whom the staff affectionately nicknamed “Jack the Lizard” had once became a fixture in their pharmacy.

“Jack the goanna came into the pharmacy and lived under the fixtures on the wall for some time,” Ms Huxhagen tells AJP.

“We could not entice him out and he was becoming thin. We had to call a wildlife carer to catch him and resettle him as he was not getting enough food living on the bugs in the pharmacy.”

Even pets are welcome. Ms Huxhagen added that a recent puppy that dropped by also brought a buzz to the pharmacy.

Last year staff and travellers at Melbourne Airport’s pharmacy were surprised to find a kangaroo jumping into the store and needing to be rescued.

And in Germany it appears other wildlife have had the same idea.

Pharmacists in Germany came to the rescue of a hungry, dehydrated stork when it turned up in the Beyschlagsche Apotheke in Erlangen-Höchstadt, Bavaria.

The young bird left its nest on the pharmacy’s roof to go for a wander up and down the shopping strip for several hours, finally coming back into the pharmacy around midday.

Owner Gabriele Sehring-Castelli said that the stork was probably looking for refuge as well as food and water.

Which unusual animal has come through your pharmacy door? Send your pics to spaola@appco.com.au

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