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Tax Implications: Patricia Kelly

Another burden for owners.

Theoretically, if your stocktake in the dispensary had exactly the same items tax year ending 2016 as in 2015, then due to stock devaluation because of price disclosure, the dollar value is considerably lower.

As accountants also use the variation of stock valuation in calculating income, then they assume that we have actually sold product to the value of the changed stock valuation.

This eventuates in an unfair burden of tax that does not really match real income.


Cheers, Tricia

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Re: AJP daily Vs Auspharm:  Valentino Cosic

David Haworth wrote:

I am finding AJP Daily a poor substitute for Auspharm news.


Totally agree, but I was holding off saying anything myself.

As long as Mark and Tony got paid in full, I’m happy.

It’s a couple decades of work here.

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Re: Pharmacy breaking the law: Peter Bayly

Just saw posts on facebook re travel sickness and one recommended a certain local pharmacy who sold her Nausetil forthis purpose. So its S3 for migraine nausea and S4 for anything else. What should I do? Ring them or dob them. They will probably deny it.


Both – ring first then report to AHPRA

This is serious business which drags the rest of the profession down to a low level

Peter B

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Re: Qld Arthritis seminar: Richard Lord

Bill Arnold wrote:

Some years ago and for several years I attended the Thursday lunch talk at Royal Canberra. A mixture of Hospital and community doctors, some nurses and me. I had been invited to attend by a GP friend. Learnt lots, made extremely beneficial contacts.


Thanks Bill.

In an endeavor to fill in the time now I am retired, I joined Health Care Consumers and was appointed as consumer rep on various committees of ACT Health, including cancer, dementia care and hospital planning. Through these I have met many hospital and community staff and been able to share my knowledge as a pharmacist as well as a consumer of health care.

I can recommend this continued involvement to pharmacists in retirement who are sick of golf or bowls.

Rick Lord

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Re: Qld Arthritis seminar: Debbie Rigby

Karalyn Huxhagen wrote:

On Friday last week a group of accredited and hospital pharmacists attended the Arthritis Qld seminars in Brisbane at Royal Womens. The speakers were excellent, the format was great, catering and access and parking and all those little things worked a treat.

The content and the calibre of the presentations was excellent. If you have a chance to attend any of these presentations please think about it. The price was not high.


Multidisciplinary events like this are usually excellent. Even if all the sessions are not about pharmacotherapy, it is beneficial to undertsand the WHOLE condition and what other health professionals contribute to the care of the patient.

I have attended and spoken at the event many times – I’d agree Karalyn, well worth attending every year.

Debbie Rigby

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Re: AJP daily Vs Auspharm: Leah Rosevear

Bill Arnold wrote:

I don’t recall Auspharm emerging bright shiny and perfect one day one. I too will be much happier as the product settles down and improves, but please give them a little lead time. After which I will be pleased with the result, or load up the rockets. But not quite yet. OK ?


I agree with Bill – give theAPPCo more time – they are doing the best at the moment with what they were given and I know they have a great team of people.

It will happen – the APPCo is a very busy organisation and they produce a quality journal; in time it will be a quality newsletter.

They are taking on board all comments.


Leah Rosevear

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