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Here are the latest posts to AusPharmList

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PBS schedule: Lili Bulfone

One of the things that used to do that I am missing was provide a news article toward the end of each month with early release of the monthly Schedule of Pharmaceutical Benefits

Will this be reinstated with the transfer to AJP?

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Re: Tax Implications: Anne Todd

Patricia Kelly wrote:

Another burden for owners. Theoretically, if your stocktake in the dispensary had exactly the same items tax year ending 2016 as in 2015, then due to stock devaluation because of price disclosure, the dollar value is considerably lower. As accountants also use the variation of stock valuation in calculating income, then they assume that we have actually sold product to the value of the changed stock valuation.


Maybe not see the tax stock write down provisions – valuing stock that requires an alternate valuation – special provisions,

I would have thought the thing to do was do a stock take of the items affected pre change of price (eg 31 March) and specifically note the change in value at that time. Stock purchased after 1st April will be at new prices. It is the stock on which you are currently taking the hit you need to value, which depending on turnover may or may not be the same stock as at end of year. ( even if quantity on shelf is the same).

The arguement is whether the stock is obsolete (no) value has changes (yes) market now means you have to sell at a lower price, possibly lower than your cost into store (yes)

Ask your accountant.


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Re: Qld Arthritis seminar: Karalyn Huxhagen

Last week I wrote:

On Friday last week a group of accredited and hospital pharmacists attended the Arthritis Qld seminars in Brisbane at Royal Womens. The speakers were excellent, the format was great, catering and access and parking and all those little things worked a treat.

The content and the calibre of the presentations was excellent. If you have a chance to attend any of these presentations please think about it. The price was not high.


Used what I learnt yesterday when counselling a patient with newly diagnosed Rheumatoid arthritis who does not want to take MTX. she has read everything she can about MTX but has not ventured to speak with Arthritis Qld who have great support services.

MTX gets a bad rap on the internet and patient blog sites . part of my role is to give evidence based counselling.

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Re: AJP daily Vs Auspharm: Lyn Banner

Bill Arnold wrote:

I don’t recall Auspharm emerging bright shiny and perfect one day one. I too will be much happier as the product settles down and improves, but please give them a little lead time. After which I will be pleased with the result, or load up the rockets. But not quite yet. OK ?


I agree with Bill.

It is fantastic to see Auspharm continue and I expect APPCo will produce an impressive version, using all the feedback.

I have passed on some comments and I have been impressed with their response.

I am no IT genius, for sure, but I know it takes time. I enjoyed a quick catch – up with Mark Dunn at APP and that is always a good thing.

Lyn Banner

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