Artists throw support behind pill testing at ARIA Awards

Montaigne at the ARIAs 2018. Credit: Fairfax
Montaigne at the ARIAs 2018. Credit: Fairfax

Aussie artists including former members of The Wiggles stated their support for pill testing at the music event this week

Several artists have thrown their support behind pill testing while on the red carpet at the ARIA awards 2018, with their comments shown in a video by the Sydney Morning Herald.

The comments come after two people died at the the Defqon. 1 hardcore techno, house and trance music festival in Sydney this year, leading to ongoing debate on the topic.

While experts stated that pill testing should be seriously considered following the deaths, NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian ruled out considering the proposal and instead called for the event to be banned.

Pill testing has meanwhile been trialled in Canberra and recently proposed in Tasmania.

Artists on the red carpet at the ARIAs provided their reasons for why they thought pill testing was a good idea.

Sydney-based singer-songwriter Montaigne, who won the 2016 ARIA Award for Breakthrough Artist, told reporters: “It’s hard to not say something a little bit controversial, but people are going to try and take drugs at festivals anyway – not matter what the legislation is, it’s just the nature of humanity – and it’s better if we actually test what they bring. Then no-one gets hurt or harmed.”

Popular electronic music duo Peking Duk responded: “All for pill testing. There’s been too many dangerous pills at festivals and people getting scared and inducing them before they arrive.”

“It’s better than having dogs there, forcing everybody to consume their drugs in one go,” said Michael Chugg, concert tour promoter and founder of the Frontier Touring Company.

Former So You Think You Can Dance contestant Timomatic stated: “Look, safety first before everything. If it’s going to happen, if we can safely regulate I think that’s the way to go.”

Meanwhile former members of The Wiggles put in their two cents as well.

Sam Moran, best known as having been the Yellow Wiggle from 2006 to 2012, said: “I think it’s a good thing, obviously the statistics are there that it helps reduce problems in all music festivals so, generally I will say I support it.”

And former longtime Red Wiggle Murray Cook added: “I think it’s a good thing personally, because kids are going to take them anyway and I think the safety issue is much more important than the legal issue.”

Watch the full video here.

The artists received big props from pill testing advocates on social media

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  1. pagophilus

    Because the music industry is full of drug taking, so we just accept it and “minimise the damage”? How about change the culture or promote alternative activities?
    The Wiggles is a mild introduction to clubbing for kiddies. By the time they’re in their teens, they’ll be ready for full on clubbing. What people don’t realise is the are other ways to amuse oneself that don’t depend on drugs and alcohol and trancifying music. There are more ways to enjoy life than taking mind-altering substances. In fact, really living is being able to enjoy oneself without dumbing down one’s brain with mind altering substances first.

    • Michael Keegan

      Typical just say no to drugs response, look at the stats abstinence does not work

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