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Rebecca (L) and Lizzy (R), co-founders of Face Halo

AJP chats with Lizzy Pike and Rebecca Williamson about their award-winning product Face Halo, exclusively stocked by Priceline Pharmacy

The Face Halo, recently introduced at The Beauty Prescription event and available exclusively in Australia through Priceline Pharmacy, is a reusable makeup removal pad that can be used with just water.

It has recently won the New You Beauty Award for Best Newbie, ELLE Australia Green Award for Make Up Remover Pads and was a finalist for the Refinery 29 Beauty Awards.

AJP chats with the co-founders of Face Halo about how they came up with the idea, and how it works.

1. What is each of your career backgrounds?

LIZZY: I was a flight attendant with Qantas for 12 years before I had my three children and moved to Los Angeles with my husband and our family. I worked alongside my husband in the microfiber industry for 15 years – we had our own online textile business in the USA.

As well as doing this I studied to further my education and founded a business, coaching and empowering women in business.

BEC: I was an actor’s agent for seven years before moving to LA and having kids.  When my kids were young I produced a film (also for seven years), which was a labour of love!  I started an endorsement company with a good friend when I was back living in Australia and we worked for companies such as Audi, Jacobs Creek, Ermeneglido Zegna and Vittoria Coffee, matching actors with great brands.

I was an arts/entertainment consultant for corporate marketing and my main career focus has been branding and marketing in the recent years.  I started a distribution company to bring great Aussie products into the US market but once Lizzy and I started Face Halo it took off and has taken all of my time!

2. How did you both fall into making the Face Halo?

LIZZY: On one of my many trips back to LA (we had moved back to Australia) and visiting Bec, she told me how she very rarely took off her makeup because it was such a laborious exercise. Being an ex-flight attendant – and having the beauty regime drilled into me over many years – I was a little shocked,  but I completely understood where she was coming from (as I was quietly counting how many hours over the years I must have spent removing makeup). We wanted something that was easy to use and a one-step process.

When we started doing some research we realised there was nothing on the market that ticked all our boxes, so having worked with textiles and microfiber for many years, it seemed a natural evolution for us to follow this path and that’s how we came up with Face Halo.

As Bec says, we spent over a year coming up with the right look and size etc. however, I knew that it was really important that we first do a white one. From my previous experience I knew that people need to be convinced and there is no getting around the fact that you can see all your makeup come off with a white Face Halo.

BEC: It came from a discussion we had around how often I forgot to take off my makeup – well, really, how tedious it was. With Lizzy’s background in microfibers we thought there must be something we can find that is soft and plush enough to do the job the way we wanted it to.  We spent over a year coming up with the right size, fibre, feel and look that would make us feel great about using it.  

Rebecca (L) and Lizzy (R), co-founders of Face Halo

3. Why should pharmacy staff recommend the Face Halo to customers?

LIZZY: There are so many reasons to recommend Face Halo to customers

a) Help them to easily and quickly remove makeup

b) Perfect for the customer wanting to avoid products that will irritate their skin

c) Face Halo needs only water

d) Face Halo is soft, plush and gentle on your skin

e) Customer can contribute their part of looking after the environment, Face Halo is reusable up to 200 machine washes

f) One Face Halo replaces approximately 500 makeup wipes

g) Face Halo reaches deep into the pores on your skin to lift and remove every trace of makeup leaving your skin feeling fresh and clean

h) Face Halo does not dry your skin out because you use water only it does not disrupt the PH balance of your skin

i) No animal testing and great for vegans

j) Less waste as Face Halo will last up to 200 machine washes this creates less usage of plastic bottles less usage of one use wipes, cotton balls etc.

k) Face Halo saves you money as it is re-usable

l) And last but not least, Face Halo really is an Angel for your Face

BEC: Pharmacy staff can feel confident telling customers that it will work better than anything else, using water only! It’s a fantastic recommendation because it is so simple to use, much more effective and saves the customer money and the planet. What’s not to love?

4. What other products are in the works right now?

LIZZY: We have been in a really awesome position to go global with Face Halo and already have so many loyal customers, we are very committed to creating new and innovative products and are excited that we can present these soon.

BEC: We have some exciting things to come that will need to remain a surprise for now.

5. Other than the Face Halo, what are each of your favourite current beauty/skincare trends?

LIZZY: Oh where to start! Ok if I have to choose a favourite I will only choose five – LOL

  • Vitamin C serum , my skin can’t get enough of it I love the Medik8 Brand
  • Long working hours tend to put a strain on my tender ‘under eyes’ I LOVE the BLAQ eye gel masks for this – pop them in the fridge to cool then pop under the eyes it reduces all the puffiness – and takes a few years off!!
  • Vitamin B serum is great over the vitamin C – again Medik8
  • My favourite gentle but hydrating (and of course anti-aging) moisturiser is Radical skincare
  • And then a light foundation for day wear is Terry – LOVE

BEC: I am a big believer in low-maintenance routines – maintaining good skin with regular facials and micro blading my eyebrows has meant I can use Face Halo at night followed by my favourite Josie Maran Argon Oil and get to bed quicker.

During the day I use the Laura Mercier illuminating tinted SPF moisturiser, a cheek highlight and some natural lip gloss to keep it simple.

Face Halo is currently available exclusively at Priceline Pharmacies and online at

It is also available overseas, stocked in Goop (US), Olive Young (Korea) and Lane Crawford (HK)

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