Long-term Clomifene shortage

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Pharmacists will need to order an alternative product, says TGA

Pharmacies will need to organise a Clomid alternative due to a shortage of clomifene (clomiphene) 50mg tablets, the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) has advised.

The medication, which is indicated for use in the treatment of ovulatory failure in patients looking to conceive, is experiencing a shortage due to manufacturing issues.

It is not expected to become available until 31 December 2016.

The TGA has granted temporary approval for the import and supply of an alternative French product, Clomid (clomifene citrate) 50mg tablets.

Pharmacies can obtain the alternative tablets by ordering the product in the normal manner through the wholesaler, using the same wholesaler codes. For enquiries relating to supply, contact Sanofi Customer Service on 1800 640 791.

Any adverse events involving the French product Clomid (clomifene citrate) 50 mg tablets should be reported directly to Sanofi or to the TGA.

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  1. Nate

    Is this due to over-regulation driving down the viability of some drugs here?

  2. Margaret Topp

    Perhaps someone should tell Sigma that this product is coming soon,the operator knew nothing about it this morning.A call to Sanofi revealed it will be the end of July before stock is ready to be released to the Aust.market.So if you try to back order now, good luck!!

  3. shannon

    this is so infuriating, we are being made to look stupid thinking we can get pharmacies to order the French clomid and they have no idea what we are talking about!! This shortage is horrible for us women who are TTC

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