Forum: Will there be low-dose codeine after 1 Feb 2018?

This forum thread continues to gain traction among AJP readers: “If the main manufacturers of low-dose Codeine don’t see a market and the generics come to the same conclusion, then what will happen to those for whom low-dose codeine was all they needed? Yes there is Paracetamol+Ibuprofen (P+I), (don’t have an ulcer/crook liver), but even for prescribers there will be no in between P+I and Panadeine Forte if the all low-dose Codeine options are gone.

“Also what person with temporary but acute pain that may have been happy with low-dose Codeine is going to be satisfied after spending the time & money to see a doctor to walk away with a low-dose instead of high dose Panadeine script? Another reason there will be no market for low-dose Codeine come 1 Feb 2018.”

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  1. JimT

    …..the elephant in the room is the idea that 8mg codeine combinations were sub therapeutic anyway……

  2. Ian Carr

    The pollster has forgotten a major concern: the potential lack of support for codeine abusers, including extra funding for Opioid Substitution Therapy and access to Drug and Alcohol specialists.

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