Man threatens pharmacy workers with mop

mop bucket

A man in search of suboxone allegedly armed himself with a mop and threatened to kill pharmacy staff

The Gold Coast Bulletin reports that Phoenix Wolf was out on bail for allegedly beating an Uber driver who refused to drive him to NSW.

He has now appeared at the Southport Magistrates Court, two weeks after what the newspaper calls an “alleged rampage” at the pharmacy.

He allegedly went to a Southport pharmacy and demanded suboxone, and became aggressive and told pharmacy workers that he was “going to f***ing kill you” when they declined to give it to him.

He allegedly took the mop, destroyed computer equipment and chased a pharmacy worker out of the shop.

He was soon arrested and charged with wilful damage as well as going armed to cause fear.

His legal representative told the court that Mr Wolf required suboxone to help manage a reliance on codeine-based painkillers which he had developed following a motor vehicle accident.

Mr Wolf was granted bail.

Readers who are distressed can contact the Pharmacists’ Support Service on 1300 244 910.

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  1. Gavin Mingay

    He should burn in hell… But then again, he will probably rise from the ashes…

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