Most influential people in pharmacy: Shane Jackson

We speak to the next person in our 14 most influential people in pharmacy campaign, as voted by you

Shane Jackson
Interim CEO (and former president), PSA
Community pharmacist and proprietor
Clinical reference lead, Australian Digital Health Agency
Senior clinical lecturer, University of Tasmania

Former national president and now interim CEO of the PSA, Dr Shane Jackson is playing a crucial role for the organisation in its 7CPA negotiations.

He has been given a “unique opportunity” driven by his diverse background as a community pharmacy owner with academic and research experience, also having worked in aged care and policy, and conducted Home Medicines Reviews, Dr Jackson explains.

“I’ve been really quite fortunate in my career trajectory and I’m really thankful for that,” he says.

“To be thankful, you need to give back to the profession.

“For me it’s about providing the opportunity for our pharmacists to be appropriately recognised for their skills and expertise and, as our PSA members keep talking about, that recognition needs to extend to the remuneration that they receive in their day-to-day work environment.”

Pharmacists need to be wherever medicines are being used, he emphasises.

“I think where most people want pharmacy to go, and certainly where I want pharmacy to go, is having pharmacists really recognised for their skills and expertise in the safe and quality use of medicines,” Dr Jackson tells AJP.

“Wherever there is a medicine there needs to be a pharmacist, because you can’t have safe and quality use of medicines without them.”

Dr Jackson says he wants to advocate and create opportunities for the current and next generation of pharmacists to be able to utilise their skills as they’re trained to do.

“I have a responsibility and I take that responsibility really, really seriously in trying to open up those opportunities and trying to make sure the profession takes its rightful place as those custodians of medicines safety,” he says.

“Then we’ve actually got a clear recognition by policymakers, by other health professionals, by government, that they can’t consider what they might do with medicines or access or safe and quality use of medicines without the pharmacy profession leading that.

“It’s whenever you think of medicines, you think of pharmacists. That’s where I think the profession needs to be seen, and we do have that deep technical expertise around safe and quality use of medicines. It’s just the system doesn’t engage and utilise that expertise as much as it needs to.”

On 2 December, Dr Jackson will step down as PSA’s interim CEO with Mark Kinsela, former Chief of Staff at the Australian Digital Health Agency, to take up the role.

Dr Jackson will continue to lead the 7CPA negotiations on behalf of the PSA.

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