Not enough women at the top: poll

Women are not represented well enough at the leadership level in the pharmacy industry, say 70% of AJP readers.

Following a lot of discussion at the recent APP2016 conference about the role of women leaders in pharmacy – and their representation as presenters – AJP asked whether women were adequately represented in pharmacy leadership and discussion.

At the time of writing 70% of readers voted no, with 25% voting yes, and 5% unsure.

“Strong leaders can make a difference,” says AusPharm contributor Debbie Rigby, who took part in the APP conversation.

“The pharmacy profession needs to empower the leadership  potential of female colleagues for the profession to practice at the top of its potential.

“There are many capable and inspirational women in pharmacy,” she told the AJP.

“A few have aspired to leadership of our pharmacy organisations. SHPA is the exception with many women leaders.

“And the AACP Board has had quite a few female Chairs, all of whom have made a difference.”

She adds that “Leadership comes in many forms. Not just the head of organisations, elected by a few.”

Fullife Foundation director and one of the judges in the Pharmacy of the Year competitions, Michelle Bou-Samra, told the AJP that she doesn’t believe that as an industry pharmacy has properly examined the real issue of why women are underrepresented in leadership roles.

“I don’t believe women should have a free ride at the table or on Boards,” she says.

“And I’m not sure that we’ve looked at why they’re underrepresented – is it that women don’t want to go to the table, or are they not doing what they have to do to get there?

“A lot of the time, women in pharmacy and other industries don’t necessarily make that leadership their priority.

“Maybe they just don’t want to play the game. That’s unfortunate, because I think that we have a lot to offer, but if we don’t consider these issues we make ourselves out to be victims, and that diminishes our standing.”


Pic: APP – were there enough women?

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