NSW to allow jabs outside pharmacy

Pharmacist administers a vaccine. Source: PSA.
Pharmacist administers a vaccine. Source: PSA.

The NSW Government has announced that pharmacists will now be able to administer vaccinations outside of a community pharmacy

This means that the most vulnerable in the country’s most populous state will now be better protected, says the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia.

The PSA welcomed the move that means pharmacists are now able to provide vaccinations in places such as residential aged care settings, Aboriginal Medical Services, private and public hospitals and community health centres as well as community pharmacies.

PSA NSW Branch President Professor Peter Carroll congratulated the NSW Government and welcomed the initiative which will ensure community pharmacists can help vaccinate more people against vaccine preventable diseases such as influenza.

“This will be particularly beneficial to people having difficulties accessing vaccinations, such as those who may be housebound or residents of aged care facilities,” he said.

“At a time when our health care system is under extreme pressure due to COVID-19, increasing options for more people in NSW to access vaccinations is vital.

“We are seeing a particularly large uptake of people accessing the influenza vaccine this year and pharmacists continue to play a role in keeping our communities safe.”

The change comes only two months after the NSW Government announced that pharmacists are able to administer the influenza vaccination to children aged 10 years and above, helping to increase the vaccination rates across the state.

As the peak national body for pharmacists, PSA says that it will continue to work with the NSW Government to remove barriers which restrict pharmacists from administering other vaccines to better protect the community.

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  1. Nicholas Logan

    Well done to everyone concerned. Can we do it now? Will there be extra accreditation?

  2. PeterC

    Now for NIP access


    Employee pharmacists aren’t getting paid any extra to take on the extra training, massive workload and responsibility of doing vaccinations. Not surprising when they charge $15-20 to do them….Whereas a GP surgery can get a NURSE to do them and charge medicare. Why employee pharmacists (medication experts) are making work & stress for themselves without extra personal remuneration is misguided at best.
    A cert 3 pharmacy tech gets ~$29/hr casual rate per the award. Think deeply about this. Many pharmacists are not getting paid anymore during the COVID crisis where many have copped abuse and had to deal with massive increases in workload whereas I hear reports of other professionals getting paid time off and extra bonuses etc for their efforts. Now pharmacy wants to bring more work upon itself with UTI pilots, prescribing rights etc. But no discussion about fair remuneration for the poor pharmacist that puts him/herself in the firing line. Incredible. It’s high-time pharmacists demand MUCH more remuneration for their expertise.

    • Paul Sapardanis

      A pharmacist providing a fluvax vaccination for $15 is done at cost. There is NO profit at store level so why is it done at this price? Answer, because there banner tells them to. The more they do the more fluvax they buy and therefore the more head office makes. At store level everyones a loser, everyone.

      • Red Pill

        $15? I’ve seen it going for $13.99 this year

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