Opinion: Four ways to be a polite Pokémon Go player

Playing Pokemon Go.

A short list of tips for Pokémon Go players who want to avoid stepping on people’s toes – both figuratively and literally

My husband and I were walking through Priceline Pharmacy making a beeline for a specific aisle.

After trying to gently squeeze past a woman and failing, I resorted to trying to get her attention.

“Excuse me,” I said, but she was determined to take up the entire aisle and seemed to be engrossed in something on her phone.

pokemon-go3Then I noticed what she was doing – attempting to catch a Pidgey (bird Pokémon) that was appearing on her screen, hovering above the pharmacy floor.

While I understand the importance of getting close up, standing still and not wasting Poké Balls, surely it would have been better for her to stand out of the way of foot traffic?

So with this in mind, I decided to put together a short list of tips for the Pokémon Go player who wants to have fun and not annoy too many people in the process.

1. Be aware of where you’re standing and walking.

Don’t stand in the middle of a busy walkway (or take up entire shopping aisles). Keep an eye out for other people, pets and cars. People don’t want their dogs stepped on or have an absent-minded player walk out in front of their car.

2. If it’s before 7am or after 8pm and you’re in a public place, try to keep the noise level down.

Not only do state laws require you to do so, but some people have kids to put to sleep or an early shift the next day. Try to keep the noise down otherwise you may end up water bombed or egged by angry residents trying to sleep, like what happened in a popular park in Rhodes, Sydney (main image).

3. Whatever you do, don’t play while driving.

It’s worse than texting while driving and you may end up like this man who was playing the game and ended up crashing into a tree. You may also want to re-think trying to catch a Pokémon while your wife is giving birth… unless she doesn’t mind, of course.

4. Try not to stick your phone directly in people’s face.

Especially if they’re just sitting waiting for their bus or eating their lunch. You might be seeing a Zubat or Meowth, but all they’re seeing a creep who may or may not be taking photos of them and sticking them on the internet.


So please share this post with your Pokémon Go-playing friends.

If players act with some common courtesy, they can keep catching them all while allowing non-gamers to continue doing their thing in peace – no eggs or water bombs needed.

Main image of players in Rhodes park by Luke Rodley.

Screenshot of Pokémon Go by James Paola.

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