Perception of pharmacy needs to improve: NAPSA

The student organisation hopes that in 2017, graduates will enter the profession with more positivity about their future

Some students need support to help see their future in pharmacy as a bright one, according to NAPSA national president, Shefali Parekh.

“I think the students’ perception of the pharmacy profession still needs to improve in 2017,” Parekh tells the AJP.

“We are heading in the right direction, but by continuing to propose and carry out initiatives that will help the profession grow, students are more likely going to get excited about their future.

“My hope is that our graduates enter the profession with enthusiasm and passion, not with a mindset of ‘we’re not getting paid enough’ or ‘I’m not being challenged in my workplace, so let’s leave the profession’,” she says.

“I believe as NAPSA we have a huge influence on students’ thinking and beliefs so as ambitious as this may be, I hope in 2017 we can have every member agree that they indeed have a bright and bold future in pharmacy. All they need to do is look outside the box!”

The group has some big goals for next year, including providing education and resources to members through its e-learning platform, myNAPSA; launching a national Jobs Board; enhancing rural education services through webinars; and opening an online merchandise shop to help support membership.

She says the group will also continue to be involved with key industry conversations and policy making initiatives.

“NAPSA has worked incredibly hard so far this term to release three position statements. In 2017 we hope to see action on these,” says Parekh.

It also aims to release a research publication based on National Student Survey data.

“It is also going to be a time to think about what legacy we want to leave behind,” she says.

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  1. Paige

    Sorry students, you’ve been let down by the older generation pharmacists who raped their own industry for a few extra dollars. You’ve been let down by the government officials who deregulated university positions, no your OP 11 is not good enough.

    Your only usage for the first 5 years of your general registration is to be cheao labour for your boss. After that unless you plan to go rural there’s a very real likelihood you wont get the kind of job you want and will end up doing a degree in finance or something.

  2. Apotheke

    Working in Pharmacy on Saturday mornings or evenings as a student Pharmacist will give you a dose of reality.It may help clarify in your own mind if being an employee Pharmacist in a large chain is for you or not.

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